Parish Council

In accordance with the Localism Act 2011, Barnston Parish Council has adopted the Code of Conduct of Uttlesford District Council and this can be found here and have a statutory duty to publish the Register of Members' Interests which can be found here

Our Councillors

Name and area of responsibility

Richard Burlend:

Chairman - Finance Working Party, Roads, School Bus, Miscellaneous

Delyse Jackaman:

Vice Chair - Barnston United Charities, Uttlesford District Council, Finance Committe

Vic Ranger:

Councillor & Road Safety Rep - Civil Defence, ECC/Chelmsford City Council, Local & District Plans

James Clyne:

Councillor - Finance Working Party, Community Issues, Health & Safety, Miscellaneous

Jonathan Hills:

Councillor - Barnston United Charities, Uttlesford District Council, Play Area Watch

Sharon Sellens:

Councillor - EALC, RCCE, Local Government, Miscellaneous

Pam Singleton:

Councillor - Neighbourhood Watch, Charities, Play Area Watch

Sheila Tuttlebury:

Councillor - Public Transport, Health, Housing

Matthew Jaggard:

Councillor - Footpaths, Airport, Roads

Fay Jupp:

Clerk - Admin for Parish Council

Susan Barker:

County Councillor

Colin Day

Email: cllrday@uttlesford.

District Councillor

Rod Jones


District Councillor

Patrick Lavelle


District Councillor

To contact members of the Parish Council please email