The Village Hall

A Little bit of History

The Village Hall was opened around 1960 and was built with funds raised by many dedicated locals, organising fetes and many other activities to buy bricks at 6d each (two and a half pence).

Notable contributors to the effort of building the hall were :- Don Churchill, he did much of the brick laying and woodwork, he was also heavily involved with Barnston Football Club especially in the first fifteen years of it's life when he was the Club Secretary. Mr Salmon, supplied and erected the iron support structure. Mr Gill, not himself a Barnston resident but initially a passer by who couldn't bear to see the growing pile of bricks and little progress on the building, he eventually couldn't stand it anymore and volunteered to help Don Churchill build the hall.

Village opening

Mr Gill - getting stuck in

Village Hall Events

Barnston Carpet Bowls Club

Monday 8pm till 10pm (not on 2nd week of month when P.C. meeting and not on Bank Holidays), 2nd Week of month on Tuesday 8pm till 10pm Mrs Wakling: 01371 876673

Take the Lead

Meets Mondays at 10am Info. Mrs Boreham Phone: 01245 362045

Kiddycook (Stansted)

Monday at 1pm during school time Info. Mrs Chate Ohone: 01279 812180

Barnston Art Group

Water colour class on Tuesdays 9am – 3pm Contact Linda Series on 07875-212188 Website

Barnston Rainbows

Meets Tuesdays at 4pm during school time Info. from Mrs Sue Sargent Phone: 01371 874838

Barnston Brownies

Meets Tuesdays at 5pm during school time Info. from Mrs Wolff Phone: 01371 859079

Barnston Guides

Meets Tuesdays at 7pm during school time Info. from Mrs Jane Smith Phone: 01371 874802

Barnston Parish Council

Meets 2nd Monday of every month at 7.45pm Mrs Julie Hammond 07981 157712

Dunmow Theatre & Dance School

Term Time Only, Wednesday 3.45pm and 4.15pm Info. from Mrs Susan Bibb Phone: 01371 875646

Womens Institute (W.I.)

Third Thursday of each month at 1:30pm Info. from Felicity Cripps Phone: 01371 874587

Marcelle School of Dancing

Term Time Only Thursday 5pm Info. from Mrs Maureen Gillard Phone: 01621 890085

Barnston Art Group

Oil painting on Friday mornings Contact Linda Series on 07875-212188 Website

Chelmsford Rabbit Club

Info. Mrs Mead Phone: 01371 873258